ecause Leonard and Penny eloped, neither got a bachelor or bachelorette party before their marriage. As such, Howard and Raj, with Penny's help, kidnap a willing Leonard and a less than willing Sheldon to take them away to a mystery destination for a bachelor party. The plan in general sits well with Leonard, and a little less so with Sheldon, until he learns of some science related aspects to the plan. But all four will have to use a little more science on this trip than they anticipated. With the boys out of town, the girls have a bachelorette party of their own. As Penny doesn't want to go to a strip club, they decide instead to have a girls' night in to talk about their current lives. Penny's marriage to Leonard and Amy's break-up with Sheldon lead to two telephone calls, one which contains a little more information than Penny would have liked, and a physical transformation for a new look.

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