fter graduation, three Yale study friends, Chicago Cubs fans from L.A. who shared a house, plan a last wild summer before entering professional life. In New York, Will Traveler gets his buds to pull a prank in the president Drexler collection of the Metropolitan art museum: skating trough like madmen while he tapes it on video. Once they are outside, Will cellphones them he's sorry he had to do this- and a big bomb explodes inside the museum. Tyler Fog, son of business tycoon Carlton, who was condemned in Irangate, and fresh lawyer Jay Burchell, see the tape on TV, and are shocked to hear the FBI name them as presumed terrorist bombers. Jay believes Will was a victim too, but then finds every trace of their mate has disappeared, everywhere; the FBI finds a charcoaled body in the explosion rubble, presumably Will's. Tyler took his dad's advice to withdraw a small fortune and run, but gets arrested by FBI agents Marlow and Borjes; Jay was just in time to bluff he planted a second bomb to force the FBI to let Tyler go, but the agents catch both of them minutes later; now a mysterious man, the Porter, blows up the arrest van and sets them free.

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