ay Burchell buys clothes on the NY flee market, but a vendor vaguely seems to recognize him and phones the FBI, which sent Borjes and Marlow to investigate John Ellington's corps at Tolman airfield, killed by the Home Land Security Agent. The boys die their hair red- no, Jay cleverly made it appear so. Tyler wants to pass the Canadian border, but Jay steals a car to return to Yale and look for evidence of Will. Carlton Fog proclaims Tyler's innocence on TV, promising help for a fair trial; agent in charge Chambers questions him and demands his full cooperation, under threat. Jay drives to Tyler's college ex Nell's place, as he stored some boxes there with Will, to prove his existence- Will's are all gone, even fakes planted in Tyler's handwriting, but there are floor-plans for the Drexler etcetera, she denies any complicity and helps them pack. Tyler remembers Will had a study booth in a library. They get away just before Borjes arrives, and despite countless wanted-fliers get into that library, Jay breaks into the booth Tyler believes was Will's, apparently empty, except a stash under the roof, with over $10,000 in an envelope and some coded transfer, plus a loaded gun; then the FBI finds and chases them, but they escape trough ventilation shafts. The Home Land Security Agent receives all Kim's pictures with Will from an undercover man, and responds ominously 'you know what to do'...

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