yler and Jay are stunned Will turns up promising to help hem, but as he disarms Marlow, gamble he's their best bet to get their lives back. Chamber's team chases them and pulls Marlow off the case in favor of Borjes. Jay first fights with Will in a Chinatown store, then Tyler spots Will bleeds. Will wires an SUV and makes Tyler drive to get his mini car from the FBI car impound and tells Jack Freed recruited him for Homeland Security ordering both boys to be killed in the Drexler museum bombing. Kim Doherty is jailed for not talking. Jay penetrates the impound but the car is driven off with him hiding in it, followed by the duo; he finds the stolen painting inside and falls, Will manages to pick him up, they escape. The trio decides to try to expose Freed, rather then kill him as Will planned. Marlow questions Joseph Lindon, a Fallbrook Dunn consultant, who gets a call and shoots at her, only to get killed. Will proposes Freed to 'exchange' the painting and promises him 'more'. Borjes finds proof to set out to arrest Carlton Fog for harboring his fugitive son, Chambers concurs but Carlton is shot by Otis Whaley who runs for Borjes, who is shot himself by- Chambers. Now Marlow learns Lindon's last caller was Chambers. At the exchange, by pretending to turn on his mates as agreed, Will tricks Freed into admitting the Drexler bomb was about fear and control on tape. When the trio intends to turn it over to the press, Freed offers, in exchange for his freedom, the full truth and the identity of the 'fourth branch' Carlton would sacrifice even his son for...

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