nnie and her parents, Harry and Debbie, are surprised to learn that West Beverly's theater director can no longer oversee the school musical. Tabitha offers to direct the musical play, but her eccentric and demanding attitude does not sit well with Annie or the other actresses. Kelly persuades Brenda to take over as the play's director, much to Tabitha's chagrin. But Kelly and Brenda end up continuing to argue over Kelly's continuing involvement with Ryan and taking up time with Kelly's son, Sammy. Meanwhile, Dixon tries to get a part time job at the Peach Pit coffee shop to get money to pay off a bully after Dixon accidentally dents the bully's car. Naomi becomes more distraught over her parents, Tracy and Charlie's, open-marriage arrangement, and she eventually confronts her father's mistress to show her true anger towards her. Elsewhere, Annie's growing relationship with Ty is the talk of the school, which leads to Ethan, who's growing more uncomfortable and jealous, to try to get her attention.

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