aomi, Silver and Adrianna go shopping in the Palisades Mall and run into Annie on a date with Jasper. Annie further arouses the girls suspicions when she refuses to give them an explanation why she's still with Jasper despite knowing his true nature. Unknown to everyone, Jasper continues to blackmail Annie with photographic proof of her hit-and-run. But Annie eventually turns the tables on him when she gives Jasper an ultimatum by threatening to drag him down with her in which he backs down and Annie's mind is finally put at ease... so it seems. Afterwards, Naomi tries to be Ivy's friend and they try to end the awkwardness between them by going on a nature hike. But Naomi discovers Ivy's ulterior motive to embarrass Naomi which leads to them getting into a fistfight at the beach. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Gia's close friendship continues to develop when the two of them throw a pity party for themselves while Gia's former girlfriend, tries to win her back. After Dixon comes clean to both Silver and Teddy about trying to keep them apart, they both toy with the idea of trying to make a relationship work. Also, Ryan meets a free-spirited woman, named Laurel, at a bar, which soon leads to them going into Laurel's car for some quick intimacy. But it turns out to be that Laurel is Ivy's hippie mother. Elsewhere, a surprise visitor, whom is Dixon's biological mother, shows up on Harry and Debbie's doorstep.

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