ilver and Kelly continue to argue about caring for their dying mother, in which Kelly wants nothing to do with their drunk of a mother, Silver wants to spend her time caring for her. While dealing with schoolwork and caring after school for Jackie, Silver is paired with Teddy for a class project where they find they have more in common when he tells her that his mother too died from cancer. Meanwhile, Naomi continues her relationship with Richard, but continues to flirt with Jamie. Although coming clean with Sasha, Dixon realizes that he and her are in two different places in their life and decides to break up with her, but she later tells him some "life-changing news". Tensions escalate between between Debbie and Harry when she walks in on Harry and Kelly talking in his office, and Debbie's jealousy and suspicion gets the worst of her. Elsewhere, Annie and Jasper's relationship is put to the test when he attempts to convince her to steal a car while shooting a scene for his student film. Also, Liam butts heads with Ivy, the newest member of the surf team. Most of the gang attend a Halloween costume party at the Beverly Hills Beach Club where Adrianna dresses up as Marilyn Monroe to help her deal with the end of her relationship with Navid.

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