avid and Blaze News employee, Gia, launch an investigation into student drug use at West Beverly, which leads them to Annie's boyfriend, Jasper, over his history of past drug use which he claims to be over with. While Annie wants to believe Jasper's side of the story, she becomes doubtful when both Navid and Gia tell her that Jasper has always been using. In the meantime, Navid receives dating advice from Samantha Ronson. Liam gives up on trying to win back Naomi, and seeks company with Ivy at the Edison while Teddy sets his sights on her as well. Worried that Adrianna will relapse into drugs, Naomi and Silver enlist Navid's assistance to talk to her, but he is too consumed by his ego and jealousy to care about her anymore. Meanwhile, Dixon reveals his situation with Sasha to Debbie and Harry, prompting Debbie to do some investigating to see if Sasha is telling the truth. Also, Jen and Ryan meet up with Pharrell to watch a performance of N.E.R.D.

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