hen Naomi is hired by a wealthy client to plan his wedding, Adrianna suggests they take a girls night out to forget their life problems which takes a sudden turn when (in a homage to 'Dude where's my car?' and 'The Hangover'), Naomi wakes up the next with no memory of the night before and finding out she's married. She teams up with Adrianna (who now has blond streaks) and with Silver to retrace the events of the evening before as well as to look for a missing Annie. Silver breaks the pact she made with Adriana and sleeps with Mark. Meanwhile, Dixon (at Mark's suggestion) hooks up with a bar girl to move on only to find out he has feelings for Michaela, as they spend more time together. Elsewhere, Liam secretly discovers that Campbell (whom is the stepson of Sydney) is plotting to frame Navid for the Cronos Society's cheating scam and he decides to socialize with the Cronos group to get close to them in order to find a way to clear Navid's name.

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