eorge is unaware that his retaliatory snipes at Lucy's "suspicious" interest in Mitchell have merit. She is really a geneticist, recruited by Kemp after seeing her publication on the possible existence of an evil gene which could be isolated. Kemp is anxious to try out her theory on the likes of vampires and werewolves, but she, not as ruthless as he, steps in to save Nina from the latest experiment. George gets a new job as a language teacher, meets single parent Sam, and buys a cage for his transformations, in which he also goes one step further - putting himself to sleep via tranquilizers. The absence of blood-lust as a werewolf, however, leaves him violent in his day-to-day life, prone to physical and verbal outbursts. Annie, meanwhile, gets saved from being pulled through the door by Sykes, a young R.A.F. pilot who died in World War Two and who is scared to pass over for fear of meeting the men he believes he killed. He tarries to give Annie survival tips and tells her it is always her choice to pass over. Mitchell seeks support from Ivan in his campaign to wean vampires off blood, but Ivan is still keen to kill.

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