al is now manager at the Grand,Hatch having scared off his predecessor. When disgruntled TV weatherman Larry Chrysler comes to make a personal appearance Tom,recognizing him as a fellow werewolf,is impressed and invites him to stay at the house and school him in the ways of success. Hal however sees that Larry is a has-been and a free-loader,exploiting Tom,and needs to be got rid of. Alex is befriended by Lady Mary,a mischievous eighteenth century ghost who can read people's minds by feeling their heads. She believes she was Hal's last victim and has successfully prevented him from killing for over two centuries. Alex knows better and gets Hal to confess the truth,leading to another situation where the house-mates must pull together to help one of their own. Dominic Rook,distraught at his department's closure,contemplates suicide but is saved by a phone call from Hal.

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