ultiple child abductions lead the team to a distraught mother who will stop at nothing to put her family back together. The story opens with a young girl being kidnapped from a playground at a park. SRU is called in, and shortly thereafter, another kid, a boy, a little bit older, is also abducted by the same person. They quickly figure out that this is woman who has kidnapped the two children. This woman is actually their birth mother, who has been in prison for all of their lives. She was told by the parole board that if she pulled herself together once she was out of prison, and she got clean and got a job, she would have a chance to get her kids back. She was so focused on this for so many years, that when she finally did get our of prison and kept her promises to be clean and employed, she was told that she would never get her children back, she snapped and took them. The team works to talk her down, and see reason.­

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