ary is trying to figure out what to do with her father's remains. Jinx and Brandy who is pregnant show up. Jinx wants to have a memorial for Mary's father but Mary wonders why; it's not like there are people who knew him fondly. And with Marshall and Abigail's wedding approaching but Marshall is spending a lot of time with Mary, helping her. Abigail wants him to be honest about his feelings for Mary. So he tries to talk to Mary but she's very busy with what to do with her father and the memorial, and she has a new witness, a teen age model whom she expects to be prissy. But she's afraid and uncertain of what she's going to do because for the last few years people have been telling her what to do. Marshall tries to talk to Mary at the memorial but the lights go out and they go to the basement to fix the lights and they find something Mary's father left for her baby which Mary doesn't want to accept. And the future of the New Mexico office is uncertain.

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