fter young psychic Randolph James is murdered he is exposed as a fraud,a psychology research fellow called Reuben Beatty,who leaves a young wife Polly and baby - as well as a healthier bank balance than expected. Reuben's colleague Vicki Walmsley tells Lewis Reuben pretended to be a psychic to gather research and their boss,Professor Andrew Clare,endorses this. However Vicki also says that Clare wanted Reuben to use a truth drug he was developing for a project involving the armed forces. Investigations lead to a bereaved couple,the Dhuttas,who believe in euthanasia and Justine Skinner,a psychic who visited Reuben and saw he was a fraud. She tells the police she senses danger,involving one Frank McLean,but he too turns out to be a psychic who exposed Reuben online. Then Vicki is killed.

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