ewis' reputation is on the line when one of his old cases,from 2001, is reopened after it's revealed there was cross-contamination of the DNA evidence. Graham Lawrie was convicted of killing three policeman with a hammer but has consistently protested his innocence in the 13 years he's been in custody. Now the lab that conducted the forensic tests has been found at fault in two other cases. To make matters worse, a uniformed has now been killed in a similar manner. Lewis is convinced that Lawrie is a psychopath and the most recent death was either a copycat killing or the work of an accomplice. Hathaway is the senior investigating officer and keeps an open mind realizing the possibility of a wrongful conviction as well. To complicate things, it appears Lawrie had an alibi for the murder of one of the policemen in 2001 but the police report was never presented. Just as Lawrie is set free by the appeals court, another officer is struck down.

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