S Lizzie Maddox is in hospital recovering from her wounds and Lewis is blaming himself for what's happened. There are several possible suspects: journalist Hugo Blayne, who was writing a biography on Lawrie and provided him with a cellphone on a prison visit; Pamela Carson, who is obviously attracted to Lawrie; Brandon Ward, a philosophy lecturer; Luke Burgess, one of Ward's students who has an interest in the case; Douglas Wilkins, an attendant at the psychiatric prison; and Lawrie's solicitor, Katherine Warwick, who is involved with Blayne. Lawrie's psychiatrist is upset that Lawrie has been set free confirming to Lewis that he is a dangerous man. Several of the suspects are caught in lies but an unexpected death and the revelation that one of the suspects knew Lawrie long before the 2001 murders leads them to the solution.

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