ictory becomes uncomfortable when she designs an advertising emblem for her latest line of bed sheets that feature a semi-nude woman, and her new investor want her to be the model on the cover. Nico calls on Kirby to be the photographer for the shoot, which puts both of them in an awkward position since they both ended their romance weeks earlier. Victory has a run-in with Joe (who's still cynical and misanthropic then ever), and she wants to talk to him about their ended relationship, but he naturally doesn't want to speak to her. Meanwhile, Wendy and Shane's marriage becomes more strained when Josie asks him to perform as the keyboardist in a band with Natasha Bedingfield as the lead singer, while he is opposed to Wendy finding work again. Both of their kids, particularly Taylor, also begin to feel the strain on them because of the tension between their parents.

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