essica and Mark have an unwelcome visit from the bailiffs after he has omitted to tell her of his huge debts. As a result she stops her fertility treatment as being too expensive. Unemployed Richard feels emasculated as Trudi immerses herself in her work,taking Chris on as her business partner. He lends a sympathetic ear to Katie,who is shocked to learn that her father had a long-standing affair which her mother kept from her. Dominic gets married, with Siobhan as his 'best man',despite the fact that on the eve of the wedding,when they were drunk,she tried to kiss him and he fought her off. Trudi misses the wedding,due to a crisis at work,where Chris helps her out and he is rewarded for his efforts by a passionate embrace. Katie,on the other hand,pulls away when Richard tries it on with her at a slow dance at the reception.

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