hile trying to track down a rouge D.O.D. agent who is planing to build a "dirty bomb" to use against American interests in Europe, Edward thinks that the chip in his brain which activates Henry may be fixed when he confides in Mavis, Tony, and Norah about an electrical surge which can turn on and off the switch which leads to a radical electro-therapy session to try to repair the chip. Meanwhile, Raymond's past begins to catch up to him when a ex-con recognizes him and begins to stalk him in which his other personality "Tom" gets dangerously close to discovering the secret about his other personality and work for the Janus Organization, just as Mary grows more distrustful of "Tom" that he may be hiding something about his past. Elsewhere, Edward traps "Henry" on a ship and sends an assassin to kill him hoping the hapless and bumbling Henry can survive without his help or special training.

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