fter Erica's declaration of love to Ethan and his response that he can't feel the same as he's still married, Erica has been avoiding him. Erica feels even worse since her so called friend/nemesis since the age of five, Katie, is in town. Katie manages to maneuver a deal with River Rock Publishing to write a book around Julianne's latest idea - Katie was planning on using Erica's failed love life as its core. Dr. Tom decides to send Erica back to high school, to an unsanctioned Hallowe'en party held at Casa Loma, where Erica, Katie and Judith worked. Although the party was Katie's idea, Erica was the only one who had a key to get into the complex. Katie was fired over the incident, and Erica never took any responsibility, which she feels ruined her friendship with Katie. Erica vows not to hold the party at Casa Loma this time to save her friendship with Katie. But going back, Erica may not be able to change the past. She also learns the true nature of her friendship with Katie.

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