rica should be happy as she has just been promoted to junior editor (pending sign off by Galvin and a final stamp of approval by Julianne) and is in the new romantic phase of her relationship with Ethan. But Ethan is having problems with Claire, who is threatening to sue for spousal support, despite coming from a family with money. And Erica is facing challenges in her new job, namely the aspect of firing people, most specifically writer Linda Kaplan, a woman who Erica has never even met. Since Erica feels that firing people is outside of her comfort zone, an upset Julianne sends Erica to a management seminar, a seminar in which Erica fails miserably. Erica likens her current work predicament to a past relationship with Ivan Frankel, who she called IF. IF was a man she abandoned without even a goodbye as she did not want to confront him about his Vampire LARPs (Live Action Role Plays). These LARPS were an activity in which he was passionately involved but Erica didn't want to partake. Erica vows to take a stand this time around and tell IF that she doesn't want to see him anymore. However, as she thinks about Ethan who has always bowed to Claire's wishes and not taken a stand against her, Erica, on Dr. Tom's urging, thinks that going to the Vampire LARP is also what she needs the second time around.

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