n her current job search, Erica runs into Antigone Morris nee Kim, a rival from Erica's university days. Antigone's professional life seems successful, her success based in large part to her connections through Literati, a secret society from university, Literati members who support their own. Erica was invited to join Literati, but her gut told her at the time that if their pseudo-Gothic initiation ritual was anything like the club, it was not for her. Erica now regrets the decision not to join. Dr. Tom sends Erica back to second year at university when she was invited to join the group. Although Erica still realizes that Literati is in spirit not what she would be attracted to, she decides that one of the benefits of Literati membership is to discredit Claire, the now wife of her best friend, Ethan. Erica never really liked Claire but Erica's want to discredit Claire is based more on what she now knows about what Claire did to Ethan in present times. Erica's new decision has further reaching consequences than she realizes. Erica learns that there are many ways to achieve what she wants and that she does need to listen to her inner voice to tell her what is right and wrong for her. Meanwhile, back in present times, Erica is dismayed to learn from Dr. Tom that her time travel is only to change her own life and not that of others, as Erica's biggest regret is not being able to prevent her brother Leo's death.

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