rica is still trying to find out more about Kai, either directly from him or from Dr. Tom. Kai doesn't want to talk about therapy, but is glad to talk to Erica about other things, which she may need. She can't seem to talk to best friend Judith anymore as Judith is always caught up with baby stuff. This dynamic between herself and Judith brings up a previous issue between them when they were in university. Erica signed them up as Frosh leaders, something that Judith didn't really want to do. But Erica reneged on that commitment, leaving Judith to do it on her own. Ever since then, Erica has felt that Judith is the adult and Erica the child in their relationship. When Dr. Tom sends her back, he also sends one other thing with her: Judith's son, Max. Erica doesn't know how she can be there for Judith during Frosh Week when she has Max to babysit. But perhaps helping Judith during Frosh Week is not her ultimate goal. Both Erica and Judith learn that friendship is a two-way street. Meanwhile, Sam tells Barb that she and Josh are moving to London for Josh's work. Barb, who thinks Sam is doing this for the wrong reasons, needs to decide what to do with this information.

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