rica's life seems to be bound by rules and conventions, rather than acting on what may be deep in her heart. Ethan has just moved in, yet he feels threatened by Erica's relationship with Kai. Erica, with Ethan in tow, needs to do some research for her sex book at a bona fide sex club, where many social rules are broken. To allow her to feel what life is like without these conventions, Dr. Tom gives her the entire day again, this time how she wants it to play out. The only thing that will exist on her day after the fact is her memory of it. So she lets loose, and spends much of the day with the only person who can really appreciate it, Kai. Erica learns that even though nothing during her day is real, it feels like it's real - the good and the bad - and that she'll know what others truly believe and think after the day is over.

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