arb has just started dating a new man named Norm, for which Erica is happy. Erica volunteers to pass the news along to her father, who seems less than thrilled despite stating otherwise. Erica talks Barb into introducing Norm to the family at an upcoming family bris, at which Gary is to act as the mohel and a reluctant Erica the sandak, a role to which she agrees if only to feel more connected to Gary at this pivotal time. Meanwhile, with Dr. Tom's knowledge, Erica is called into Dr. Fred's office to discuss a roadblock that Kai is facing in his therapy. What little Erica has been able to glean directly from Kai is that he is unhappy with his therapy. Kai, however, knows nothing about this intervention with Erica. Erica is unsure if she should get involved, but decides at least to hear Dr. Fred out and hopefully to understand Kai better. Unexpectedly, Dr. Fred sends Erica to 2019 to what she thinks is Kai's future as a famous rock singer, a future if he discontinues therapy. This experience is not quite what it initially seems. But from this experience, Erica does learn from what Kai is running and why he wants to turn his back on therapy. But more importantly, Erica learns that she is not Kai's savior, nor is she her father's.

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