t's the end of a bad day for Erica. First, she catches Ethan masturbating to cheesy computer porn, this issue which Erica cannot understand. Second, Julianne has a meltdown in front of Erica about Friedken's strong arm tactics after she humiliated him in front of the rest of the staff. And third, Sam arrives back in Toronto on Erica's doorstep announcing that she's left Josh in London without even telling him. On top of these issues, Erica receives a visit from Dr. Fred asking for continued assistance in Kai's therapy, which Erica feels at the present time unable to provide. Although Drs. Tom and Fred argue about their respective therapies - all stemming from Dr. Fred's unauthorized visit with Erica - Dr. Tom takes Dr. Fred's advice to move Erica's therapy to the next level. Erica is tasked with solving all the problems of this past day on her own. She feels what she needs to do is listen to what her gut is telling her, and she hopes all those associated will do the same.

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