dam runs into Beatrice, the woman who was shown to him as his loving wife in a seemingly happy alternate life. Despite being attracted to her and feeling a connection to her, he almost feels as if Beatrice is his destiny without any consideration on his part. Meanwhile, Erica and Julianne receive nothing but bad news about 50/50 Publishing's future in the wake of their moral decision not to publish The Purple Door. Declaring bankruptcy seems the most obvious choice. The one possibility to keep 50/50 afloat is to accept the offer to publish anything that will at least break even, even if it is something that Erica and Julianne feel is beneath their standards. But Erica receives an intriguing offer from her old college nemesis Antigone Morris née Kim to be considered for a Vice-Presidential position in her publishing firm, which if Erica proceeds would leave Julianne out in the cold. As Adam, among those in group therapy, has the strongest opinion about what Erica should do, Dr. Tom sends Adam along with Erica on a test: he places them on a deserted island, their only task to make it to the other side of the island. Erica and Adam are initially uncertain the lesson of the test, but as they struggle to find their geographic way, their life paths become clearer as they understand the lesson. Elsewhere, Sam and Lenin discuss their future in light of Lenin's standard six month move to another life, this time to Brazil. And Brent has something he wants and needs to talk to Julianne about, if only she will listen.

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