t's Erica's thirty-fifth birthday. She and Adam are back together, although they still disagree on certain issues, such as personal boundaries. Regardless, she's generally in a happy place in her life. She even gets a present from an unexpected source. The one negative issue in her life on this day starts when she catches Julianne and Brent locked in a romantic kiss at the office, which is her introduction to the fact of them being a couple. Instead of feeling happy for them, especially Julianne who she knows has been unhappy romantically of late, Erica feels that their romance is inappropriate for the office, especially as she feels as if the two will always side with each other against her in workplace decisions. To give her some perspective on the issue, Dr. Tom sends her back to Purim 1992, to revisit a regret and to have her deceased paternal grandfather - "Zayde" - as her next patient. Zayde visited from Montréal every year for Purim, his favorite holiday. But Zayde was stuck in a time and generational warp, and he treated then sixteen year old Erica and her siblings still like infants. Originally Erica ditched that Purim to hang out with her friends, but now regrets that since Zayde passed away a few months later. In sticking around for Purim this time around, Erica not only tries to help Zayde and in the process learn her own lessons about the Julianne and Brent situation, but she also reexamines a friendship lost. Meanwhile, Dr. Tom thinks he's made a decision about retirement, until Dr. Naadiah fills him in on the full implications of his decision.

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