ulianne and Erica have a somewhat uncomfortable time at Frank Galvin's funeral in the fact of running into some of their old nemeses, most specifically Thomas Friedkin. Julianne is also expecting a visit from her sister Georgie, a brilliant academic, who wants to pitch a book by her friend, local professor Michel Streith. Both these events place Julianne on edge, more so than usual, her frustrations which she takes out on 50/50's new assistant, Rachel. Julianne and Erica have differing opinions about Rachel, who Erica likes, despite her quirky nerdiness, which includes being somewhat psychic whenever she gets nervous, which is all the time. All these situations in combination make Erica incredulous to the announcement by Dr. Tom of her next patient: Julianne. Erica believes that strong, confident and results-oriented Julianne does not require therapy, and that Julianne's gruff demeanor only comes out when those around her don't know how to deal with her properly, much like Rachel doesn't know at this time. To test Erica's theory, Dr. Tom sends Erica back to her first day at River Rock working under Julianne. Erica believes since she now knows Julianne as a person, she can make a better impression this second time around than she did the first. But an incident shows Erica what truly makes Julianne the person that she is. Meanwhile, a confession by Rachel makes Erica contemplate her own future.

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