y opening up a part of her own personal life to him, Dr. Naadiah is trying to show Dr. Tom that he can be a good therapist and still maintain a healthy personal life. She is trying to get him to return the several telephone calls from his former fiancée, Amanda, to see why she has come back into his life. Telephoning Amanda and forgiving her for walking out on their engagement to marry another man may be two different things. Dr. Naadiah sends Tom back to his and Amanda's engagement party, where he believed that Amanda was looking for an excuse to leave him so that she could marry who would eventually be her husband, Paul. The party isn't quite as he remembers. A current day visit with his own father may show Tom what he needs to do to make himself more fulfilled in his personal life. Meanwhile, Kai has returned from the future to deal with a regret. During what may be an extended return, Kai makes a special effort to get in touch with Erica. Because of Erica and Kai's history, a jealous Adam doesn't like that Erica wants to spend time with him. Erica thinks that Adam may change his mind if he gets a chance to hang out with Kai himself as a buddy.

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