n the next phase of her doctor training, Erica, for twenty-four hours, receives the power of initiating time travel. As a doctor-in-training, her current temporary powers only allow her to travel within that same day. Dr. Tom warns her that with power comes much responsibility. Erica, like a kid in a candy shop, wants to tell the whole world what she can now do. But she comes to the realization that she can fix some mistakes that she feels she's already made that day. One has to do with Julianne and Brent, who are moving into new territory in their relationship. They pitched a book idea that Erica dismissed in its entirety. But the more important regret has to do with Adam, with who she had the latest in what seems to be a continual string of fights. The nature of their fights seem to take on the same issues: Adam feels that Erica is trying to control his life - much like he is her patient - while Adam, in a state of anger and wanting to cool off, walks out in the middle of the fight. Another source of their fights is Kai, who Adam does not want her to see anymore. As Erica tries to redo that latest fight so as to diffuse the situation the second time around, she finds that in trying to fix what she did, she is also controlling the destiny of others. She also finds that the problems that she and Adam are facing may be more deep seated than what a little time travel can fix.

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