eyond Rachel knowing, Julianne isn't yet ready to tell the world, let alone Erica, that she and Brent are a couple. Although Brent respects Julianne's wishes, he doesn't much like it. Erica also isn't ready to tell the world that she and Kai are now dating. Their relationship faces its own challenges with Kai being officially from the future. Being as such, Kai has certain knowledge about what will happen in Erica's life. Although he knows he isn't supposed to tell her anything about the future, the temptation to pass along monumental news may be too difficult to keep. This news does affect the way Erica deals with her present, especially with regard to an offer by Scott Galvin which Erica would have dismissed had she not known the news. However, a visit from an unexpected person from her future may shed some light on what the future may hold for her and what that means for her present. Dr. Tom, on the other hand, isn't allowed to divulge the nature of his work to Amanda, which may place a wedge between the two as him hiding parts of his life from her was the reason for them breaking up on their first go around. Meanwhile, Sam is overdue and will do anything to go into labor. As such, she makes a special request of Lenin, who isn't sure if he can accommodate Sam's request.

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