t's the day of Dave and Ivan's wedding, and Erica, seeing two people in love, is reflective of her recent relationships. That reflection is also due in part to having Kai be her date to the wedding, yet seeing Adam there, not only for the first time since their break-up but with another woman as his date. She is lamenting the fact of always seeming to pick the wrong men, as even her relationship with Kai she eventually realizes can't last since they don't belong to the same point in time. Kai may be a little slower in coming to this realization as evidenced by a question he asks Erica. So when Erica lists to Dr. Tom the qualities of who she sees as her perfect man, Dr. Tom sends her to an alternate universe where she is in a relationship with exactly the man she described. Meanwhile, Brent is getting to the breaking point of his relationship with Julianne if only because of her reluctance to tell Erica of their relationship. And Dr. Tom, settling into his relationship with Amanda, contemplates his future as a therapist.

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