he real estate's agent's dead body is found and the police attribute it to the serial killer. They also find the business card Ray Prager had given her the previous day and Mike Sweeney begins to think he might be their man. Prager however has been weaving enough stories about his relationship with Mike to have the other police think he might on a vendetta. He's also worming his way into Audrey Sweeney's life and planting seeds of doubt about Mike's fidelity. He's also told her about the car accident. Ray tracks his wife Traci to the motel where she works and causes a scene resulting in her getting fired. Audrey doesn't get the job she applied for and Mike's response further alienates her and drives yet another wedge between them. When he tells her that Ray is a person of interest in two murders, she accuses him of acting out of jealousy. Sadie has some important information that casts doubt on Ray Prager's alibi for the night Nathalie Lacroix was murdered.

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