he girls think that Jaime is dead, so they make a pact to never talk about what went down again. Meanwhile, Roxie arranges a martini night with the girls where Darryl shows up and 'surprises' the girls, all except Roxie who already knew, dragging the girls apart. Darryl asks Roxie to take Mia and move away with him, Joanne tries to fix Penny up with a guy she just met, and Kat gets closer to her new neighbour, while Max continues to dig up dirt on the girls' secret and their powers. Joanne gets her job back at the Gazette and Max is still a double agent. Colin and Gene Friesen seem like a normal father and son duo, but appearances can be deceiving. Roxie, Joanne and Kat decide to keep their powers and ask Darryl to stay in Eastwick.

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