arryl organizes massages for Roxie, Joanne and Kat and then offers to take Roxie to Rio. Roxie later breaks up with Darryl when her husband Danny, who, after being assumed dead for the last five years, washes ashore and reappears in her life. Kat's daughter Emily suspects Colin's son Gene to be weird and it is later revealed (to the audience) that Gene is possessed and wants to live inside Kat's body. The cops unearth Jaime's car and finds DNA evidence, which Joanne steals and burns, since it links Roxie to Jaime's presumed murder. Penny accuses Darryl of murdering Jaime, but later finds a remnant from the evidence bag and suspects Joanne of murder. She then finds Joanne and Darryl having wine together, making her suspect that they were in on it together.

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