ully and Danny flush out a killer; when Abby can't finish him off, he's dragged to jail instead. Feeling safer now, the friends split up. Sully tries his hand at interrogation as well as fixing a radio. Abby retrieves Shea and Madison; Henry goes to fetch Trish, but she has been lured out to the bluffs by Jimmy with talk of a rescue boat. Abby confronts one killer, but Madison soon reveals that her kidnapper had a "friend." Shea shares her discovery with the others; when Jimmy reports back that Trish accidentally slipped down the rocks, suspicion immediately falls on him. The friends again split up to rescue Trish while guarding the prisoner, who uses the moment to escape and take another victim. A tense standoff is diffused when Trish turns up safe; a boathouse radio could finally bring help. Not realizing that the killer is again loose, Trish makes love to Henry in their cabin, but he is lured out by a strange knock at the door. Shea and Madison must run to Sully for help. Alone in the woods, Jimmy tells Abby he has a long-standing confession to make. A second killer is revealed.

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