n the long ago Maconian empire Krod Mandoon is young, handsome, brave - and very clumsy. (His name is Dork spelt backwards, after all.) With his band of freedom fighters, lusty pagan girlfriend Aneka, devoted ex-slave Loquasto and Zezelryck, a fake sorcerer who talks like the donkey in 'Shrek' he is on a mission to free his mentor General Arcadius. Arcadius has been imprisoned by evil chancellor Dongalor who kills his counsellors for criticizing his trousers and possesses a weapon of mass destruction - which he will activate if he can translate its runic instructions. After a tavern brawl with hostile Myrmidons Krod's group obtain the keys to the dungeons,due to Aneka's sexual wiles rather than any martial skills, and free the General, his camp boyfriend Bruce and other political prisoners. However, the General takes an arrow (or several) intended for Krod and, dying, tells his young disciple that he is now the chosen one who can rid the empire of the evil chancellor. Dongalor captures Krod but he escapes with the help of Horst Draper, one of the prisoners he freed. He also sees off an assassin sent by Dongalor to kill him. He is somewhat put out that Aneka, in the guise of disposing of the enemy, is so free with her sexual favours and splits with her. However, the General appears to him in a vision, explaining that she will help him to get rid of Dongalor and their destinies are entwined. Krod dashes off and saves her from another assassin, who is standing in a line of men waiting to pleasure her. They are reconciled.

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