alph Longshaft, who saved Krod from Dongalor, turns up with Grimshank, a warlock. They propose to admit Krod and Aneka to the Elite Resistance Council, on condition that they steal the Bloodstone of Alluvia from a scary cyclops. In fact the cyclops turns out to be a camp bi-sexual, known as the bi-clops, but he does try and imprison Krod and his gang though Aneka wounds him and they escape with the Bloodstone. They give it to the council but Krod is a little put out when, despite their places as council members, Aneka leaves him to go off on a 'sailing' weekend with Ralph. Dongalor wins back his girlfriend from Roderick but she dies of the plague - very rapidly. He does seek consolation in the fact that he has mysteriously acquired the Bloodstone for himself. It is a key to activating the Eye.

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