rimshank tells the freedom fighters that if Dongalor can activate the Eye it will wipe out whole cities. In the belief that a pagan woman's tears can activate it Dongalor captures all the village women but totally fails to make them cry, for it is a known fact that pagan women never weep. Aneka returns from her 'sailing' weekend with Ralph but Grimshank feels she is at risk of capture from Dongalor and gets Ralph to take her to his villa. They have sex but Ralph tells her it is meaningless. Krod and the other men are told by Grimshank to light a beacon to alert the resistance to Dongalor's plan to activate the Eye. They have a run-in with three glamorous demons, succubi, and an incubus, a pretty boy for Bruce, but kill them ,and Krod lights the beacon which promptly goes up in smoke, Seeing this, Grimshank tells Aneka that Krod is dead. She does love him after all and bursts into tears. Grimshank bottles them and gives them to Dongalor, along with the news of Krod's death.

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