oyce is perturbed that John is still distant though Dr. Channing is helping him recover his memory as he relives his escape from France helped by a young woman called Lian. Lady Ellen and Dr. Channing end up in bed and plan a life together so that she is shocked when a policeman tells her Dr. Channing is a suspected collaborator. Connie tries to replace an item Danny has stolen from a local shop and is almost accused herself though she is saved by Henry's intervention. The incident brings to light her past criminal life with Danny but Henry is forgiving and Connie tells Danny to go back to London. Iris is caught up in the Storeys' vendetta against the Tuckers when Vernon's thuggish son kills a lamb she was weaning. Esther realises why she is being sick - she is pregnant by Vernon Storey. Fred Finch,back home,offers to accept paternity but,after Vernon suggests she move in with him,she is appalled and has an abortion,which leaves her faint and bleeding.

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