t 4616 Melrose Place, another generation of young adults and best friends have settled in to get by any way they can. Lauren Yung is a part-time med student and intern at Wilshire Hospital who struggles to stay in med school, until she sees a way out when a wealthy man offers her $5,000 for a night with him. Auggie Kirkpatrick is a fellow surfer, who works as a sous chef at a trendy restaurant, named Coal, which is the gang's hang-out place. Ella Simms, an amorous and aggressive bisexual Hollywood publicist, is determined to find her "Mr. Right" or her "Miss Right" and will do anything to get what she wants. David Breck is the resident bad boy and the illegitimate son of Dr. Michael Mancini who struggles to get out from under the thumb of his amoral father. Sydney Andrews is the current building landlord seeking her own agenda with David, whom she is involved in protecting some terrible secret. Emma also has a grudge against Sydney who uses blackmail and intimidation to get what she wants. Riley Richmond is a good-natured 1st grade school teacher, currently in a five-year relationship with Jonah Miller. Jonah is an aspiring filmmaker who struggles with his career and a commitment to Riley. Violet Foster is the newest resident and despite her innocent act, she seems to be hiding something. But suddenly, there is a murder when a body is found floating in the apartment swimming pool, and everyone becomes a suspect due to their mysterious pasts. But as on a series such as Melrose Place... no one is innocent, and everyone has something to hide.

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