lla discovers that someone is embezzling money from WPK and framing her for it. Panicked that she could go to jail, Ella secretly investigates and starts by talking with Jo Reynolds, who realizes Amanda is up to her old tricks again to destroy her career. Meanwhile, Jonah decides to throw a party in the Melrose courtyard to celebrate his newfound success over landing a directing job, as well as to further flaunt his success to Riley. Elsewhere, Jane shows up to confront Amanda for not firing Ella and it's finally revealed that the vindictive and psychotic Jane is the one who orchestrated Amanda's return and set up everything behind the scenes all for the sole purpose to destroy Ella's career, while Jane also has a run-in with her equally psychotic and merciless ex-husband Michael. Elsewhere, Lauren is shocked after Michael threatens to reveal her secret of being a call-girl if she doesn't have sex with him, which leads to her making a hard decision to do so and be unfaithful to David, since Lauren (like everyone else in the series) feels that her job and career come first. Also, Riley and Drew share a nice and casual first date.

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