and Sam acknowledge the fifth anniversary of their service as partners. Just outside the LAX airport four masked armed men stop a bulletproof van of the Diplomatic Security Service of the US Department of State, moving two couriers and a wooden crate, having originated in India and now bound for a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles; the bad guys seize the crate and escape with it; Callen and company investigate. G and Sam interview the couriers; Eric and Nell trace one of the trucks, two of the bad guys, and a van; then Kensi and Deeks find the van and the crate, check out the contents, and take part in a gunfight; a crew takes possession of the crate. Granger, the new assistant director, shows up and shows interest; Kensi and Deeks find a body and shoot a fed to death; G and Sam meet a private aircraft and suddenly meet also more people than expected; Sam attacks G, but Kensi and Deeks ride to the rescue; back at the boathouse the team put it all together.

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