n Beverly Hills two masked thugs kidnap Dennis Calder, a wealthy and successful software developer, one of whose prototype programs someone apparently used for a cyber attack on a computer of the US Department of Defense (DoD), prompting the National Security Agency (NSA) to place him under surveillance. Callen and company help the NSA. Kensi and Deeks find out what's no longer in Calder's office, and G and Sam find Calder's honey and take her to the boathouse; then Kensi tutors Calder's son, Deeks gives Calder's wife a tennis lesson, and Eric traces an electronic intruder, whom G and Sam chase, and who takes a terminal leap in front of a Cadillac. Kensi finds another computer, so she and others find out what else has taken place, then a major attack breaks loose against the DoD. Eric and Nell continue to produce clues, Deeks takes a ride in a wheelchair, and Nell takes a ride in a bucket. The team find Calder and the bad guys, and G chats with Hetty.

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