he LAPD releases G after an overnight stay in jail; Sam meets him; the two exchange words; G leaves in a taxicab with a tail. At the boatshed Kensi and Deeks talk with Atley, who describes certain matters, including an insurance policy nearby; while Sam watches, an Iranian briefly chats up G, who soon walks away; another Iranian approaches Hetty, but she brushes him off; later G sees the two Iranians together, and he makes a deal with them; the CIA demands an immediate arrest of G; Granger asks Nell for a warrant for both murder and treason; Deeks picks up an item from a bank, company pursues, and fireworks ensue; Deeks drops a briefcase, and an Iranian picks it up; Eric snoops and produces; the Iranians beat and question G; Sam, Kensi, and Deeks make a road trip and take a passenger; the team make another swap; Sam hands G's badge and piece back to him; Hetty returns to her office, and Granger returns her resignation; the two of them chat about their "audacious plan".

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