s Jackie's drug use intensifies, she realizes she needs to clear the decks of the people closest to her if she wants to keep using. She notices Grace and Frank's son getting a little too close for comfort. And this is all the ammunition she needs. She simplifies her life by breaking up with Frank and getting rid of Antoinette once and for all. Meanwhile, Carrie has forgotten Coop's 40th birthday the morning after they've slept together--and Thor manages to save her with the world's greatest present. The DEA investigation becomes more intense--many members of the staff at All Saints are questioned. And the investigation of Nancy Wood zeroes in on a suspect: Akalitus. And Zoey, now that she's single and has some clarity, decides to take the next step in her career and become a Nurse Practitioner. Jackie meets up with Gabe and we realize that she's going to take him to Kevin's wedding.

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