ertain she has a hidden stash, Frank searches Jackie's house for drugs. Luckily for Jackie, he throws his back out before he can find anything. Laid up and in pain, Frank confesses to Jackie that he saw her use at the poker party the night before and was searching the house. Realizing she dodged a bullet, Jackie quickly removes all drugs from her home and tries to find a hiding place for them at All Saints, finally settling on an old relic in the ladies rest room. Jackie complains to Antoinette about her upcoming dinner with Kevin and his new finance, but Antoinette convinces her to go. Back at work, Jackie connects with a homeless, alcoholic nun who seems to have given up on life. Frank's suspicions are raised once again when Grace announces matter of factly that her mother is the world's best liar. When Frank finds an old drug stash by accident, he calls Jackie to confront her but she brushes him off and heads inside a Williamsburg loft where she finds distraction and excitement in the arms of Gabe, the young drug user she met at the Square Dance. Prentiss misses the action of working in a war zone and is momentarily in his element when a multiple injury trauma is said to be coming into All Saints. Later, Zoey confronts Prentiss about his dissatisfaction and encourages him to do what he loves. Jackie is thrilled when Frank makes a surprise appearance at Kevin and Mia's dinner only to be confused by his caustic attitude. Mia and Kevin make a big announcement which causes Frank to reconsider confronting Jackie about the drugs he found. Jackie pops a surprising question to Frank.

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