s Kevin and Mia plan their wedding Jackie and Frank remain estranged. Though they're 'not talking,' Frank calls Jackie to warn her about a DEA investigation he heard is happening at All Saints involving interviews and urine tests. Jackie asserts she has nothing to worry about and ends the call quickly. It's clear the physician's number she stole is coming home to roost. Meanwhile, the death of the All Saints newsstand proprietor has the staff reflecting on the anonymity of life and Zoey and Thor plan a memorial. Jackie devises a painful spur of the moment solution to the impending DEA urine test involving Akalitus. The homeless nun returns in worse shape than ever and Jackie is happy to have a second chance to help her. Jackie brushes off the overly assuming Antoinette, claiming she wants to do recovery on her own. Antoinette turns to Eddie for help and more. Coop and Carrie find a way to get around their 'no sex in the hospital' rule. Jackie comes home to find a wedding invitation from Kevin and Mia. Inside she is shocked to find Frank and his two sons hanging out with Grace and Fi. Frank makes a pitch to get back together. We think Jackie's on board as she looks at the invitation to Kevin's wedding but we're not so sure.

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