van delights in attending a Hamptons horse-show with Hank (who only accepted because the proceeds benefit Jill's hospital). Seasonally attired to win over clients, Evan curbs his HankMed charm-offensive to rescue Divya, first from a drunkard (who turns out to be Jill's newest medical staff acquisition, Dr. Madden), then from her misinformed parents, posing as a college friend to sustain Divya's deception that she's studying economics, not assisting Hank; however, a wasp sting on her allergic father puts Divya herself in position to blow her cover by performing emergency treatment. Hank meanwhile wrestles with quasi-professional teenage-jockey Beth Samuels and her father Dan's unwillingness to put health concerns above equestrian competition. Jill's ex, Charlie Casey, returns, going above her head to resume his hospital post, checking out romantic successor Hank, and revealing an important condition Jill has so far failed to share.

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